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"Sometimes I picture you as a child . . . before you came to live with the Greys."

Christian looks up at me, confused. Thoughts ran through his mind, before it settled on something.

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So I was scrolling through Unfriendable and I saw this picture:


Then I got to thinking, that seems like something Christian would do when he's in a hotel. What if that happened and it didn't make it into the books? :)
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A/N: These are from my comments on Fifty Shades Freed Chapter 5 part 1.

"Hmm . . . tasty."

Then Teddy jumped out of Ana's arms screaming, "Bad touch! I need an adult!"

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A/N: This is from my comment on Chapter 5 part 1 of Fifty Shades Freed.
"Here we have the emancipation case of Theodore and Phoebe Grey." The judge said in her formal voice. She gestured to the two teenagers on one side of the court, "Against Ana and Christian Grey." 
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It was 11:30 p.m. as Ana paced because Teddy wasn't back yet. She was sure it has to do with Teddy's friend Dylan. That kid was living in a one-story house for God's sake.


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The elevator doors suddenly opened. Ana and Christian looked up from making out on the couch. "Taylor?" Christian called out, annoyed at being cock-blocked again.

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Crap, Christian’s mad—and he has enough toworry about at the moment. What was I thinking?


This is Bray Wyatt, nothing scares him. A demon is using him as a vessel. It could possibly be Satan, if you will.

He sighs. “Well, far be it for me to curtail your fun, Mrs. Grey. Just be careful. Please.”

Oh my! Permission to have fun!

Goddamn it Christian! You forced me!

Sic him Bray Wyatt and Mick Foley.



Christian, Jon Good has a bone to pick with you. Jon was poor since he was a young boy. The thing is, his mother never died when he was four, so he mostly poor for his life. He never won the lottery by being adopted by rich people. Jon's mother was also a 'whore' but she never loved him.

Sound familiar, Christian?

Yeah, it kind of does.

So Jon aka Dean, has a bone to pick with you.

I unleash the Unstable one after you.

Sic him too Dean Ambrose.



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