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Birthdate:Nov 27
Location:California, United States of America
I like to read a lot. Some books I don't even finish because they don't hold my interest. In my bookshelf I even have some books that I haven't even read yet.

I hardly watch TV because sometimes I loose interest in the show, however there are shows that I will continuously watch.

I'm not really much of a social media person, due to my stunning lack of social media accounts. I do read fanfiction, so yes I do have a few accounts.

I don't really care to much for pop/hip-hop/rap, to be honest. I have strange mix of songs on my iPod. I have at least one-six songs from different bands, just not the entire music album weirdly enough.

I do have pets. I have two dogs, one inside cat, four cats that do go outside, and five outside cats that come in. I am highly aware that it's a lot, but two cats belong to my older brother and his girlfriend. Two outside cats belong to my dad. Two outside cats belong to me. I'm not sure about the last cat yet, but I'm sure she belongs to me. The last one had given birth to five, now four kittens. I think my older brother and his girlfriend claimed that one.
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