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Daniel and McKayla had been dating during the summer before Bridget arrived.

Sure, they had their moments when their puns got on each other's nerves. They managed to get through their arguments. The arguments weren't that bad and they did make up three days later.

McKayla saw Bridget in her History class. She thought Bridget was good-looking. She kind of panicked a little, because she likes Daniel. McKayla always knew she was bisexual, but damn this was going too far. Can a person like two people at once? She wasn't sure. She knew she was always a little bit polyandrous and fantasized about having multiple partners, but she figured that it wasn't going to happen to her and that she was going to marry a nice man or woman at the end.

Until today. What was she supposed to do about this strange new feeling? Can she even handle dating two people at the same time?

Wait. I need to talk to Daniel about this. McKayla thought, Communication is part of a healthy relationship.

At lunch, Daniel and McKayla sat together. She looked at her tray. "So... I'm sure I have a crush on that new girl, Bridget."

Daniel looked at her from pulling the crust of a sandwich. He seemed a little confused at the confession, "Okay?"

"But I still like you," McKayla replied.

Daniel still looked a little confused. "You like me but you like her?"

"Yes," McKayla said.

Daniel nodded, "I see. Who do you want to date the most?"

"Why should I chose? Why not both?" McKayla asked.

"I think you're getting a little ahead of yourself here. You don't even know if she likes girls." Daniel explained, "And we don't even know her. We also don't know if she'll even accept the idea of dating you when you're dating me. She might not even like me."

McKayla nodded. "That's true. I should get to know her better then."

"That would be for the best," Daniel said.

McKayla nodded and ate her food. She needed to figure out how to start talking to Bridget. She could use puns or maybe she could seduce Bridget with her awkwardness.

McKayla had managed to get the guts to go up to Bridget and found her in the hallway. "Hi, I'm McKayla."

Bridget looked at her, "I'm Bridget."

McKayla frowned. "We have the same class. How can we not—never mind."

Bridget shrugged, "Whatever, right?"

McKayla nodded and they trailed off into silence. "Have you ever seen pictures of Isaac Newton's hair? I saw one picture and I was thinking, 'Isaac Newton may have discovered gravity, but that luxurious mane sure hasn't.'"

Bridget nodded, "Good to know."

It took a while before Bridget warmed up to McKayla and Daniel. It took two days before Bridget and Daniel accepted the idea of McKayla dating the both of them.
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