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A/N: These are from my comments on Fifty Shades Freed Chapter 5 part 1.

"Hmm . . . tasty."

Then Teddy jumped out of Ana's arms screaming, "Bad touch! I need an adult!"

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A/N: This is from my comment on Chapter 5 part 1 of Fifty Shades Freed.
"Here we have the emancipation case of Theodore and Phoebe Grey." The judge said in her formal voice. She gestured to the two teenagers on one side of the court, "Against Ana and Christian Grey." 
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It was 11:30 p.m. as Ana paced because Teddy wasn't back yet. She was sure it has to do with Teddy's friend Dylan. That kid was living in a one-story house for God's sake.


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The elevator doors suddenly opened. Ana and Christian looked up from making out on the couch. "Taylor?" Christian called out, annoyed at being cock-blocked again.

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Crap, Christian’s mad—and he has enough toworry about at the moment. What was I thinking?


This is Bray Wyatt, nothing scares him. A demon is using him as a vessel. It could possibly be Satan, if you will.

He sighs. “Well, far be it for me to curtail your fun, Mrs. Grey. Just be careful. Please.”

Oh my! Permission to have fun!

Goddamn it Christian! You forced me!

Sic him Bray Wyatt and Mick Foley.



Christian, Jon Good has a bone to pick with you. Jon was poor since he was a young boy. The thing is, his mother never died when he was four, so he mostly poor for his life. He never won the lottery by being adopted by rich people. Jon's mother was also a 'whore' but she never loved him.

Sound familiar, Christian?

Yeah, it kind of does.

So Jon aka Dean, has a bone to pick with you.

I unleash the Unstable one after you.

Sic him too Dean Ambrose.

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Yeah, last Saturday, I go my laptop back.

Then I found out that the wifi attaena was put in backwards.

Then on Monday I had to take it back to get it fixed. Now I'm here again.

A Rant

Sep. 1st, 2014 01:56 pm
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I'm going to rant here.

When I first saw what happened on two weeks ago on WWE's Raw when Seth Rollins almost lost to Dean Ambrose during a match. Kane interfered by pulling Dean away from Seth's body when he had Seth pinned.

I was pissed off, an understatement, when I texted my friend Jose about it.

Then I was like okay, that usually happens. Then Seth CURB-STOMPED DEAN INTO CINDER-BLOCKS! HE DIDN'T EVEN SHOW REGRET!

Yeah. He can't win a match without Seth interfering and him getting distracted by his rage against Seth for betraying him.

Then on Smackdown, Roman Reigns was pissed, but was mostly calm during his interview even calling Dean his 'boy' which he meant best friend. I was like aww, they're still best friends.

Then last week on Raw they had a two on one match, with Seth and Roman basically fighting it out, until Roman almost got cinder-blocked, but luckily he got away and then threw one of the blocks at Seth. He got out of the way, which I was a bit annoyed at because it didn't hit Seth.

Yeah, since Seth turned bad, again, he basically became a 'creator's pet' which I ranted at Jose calling Seth their 'Favorite boy.'

Yeah, I'm not sure if Dean is 'dead' since he had a 'eulogy' thing during WWE, which got destroyed by Roman by fight, because they're best friends and all. Which caused the match I described up there.

Again, yeah, Dean is my favorite wrestler. Now he's off to make a movie called Lockdown. God I hope it's mostly action-adventure not romance.

Now I hope he doesn't get clowned like the Miz when he came back from making his movies or turn out like the Rock, giving up wrestling and becoming a movie-star.


Sep. 1st, 2014 01:25 pm
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Okay, since I hadn't posted anything in a while, I decided to post this.

The library at my school had finally opened on the 27th.

We didn't go to the library until Friday for English on the 30th.


My reaction today for tomorrow when I go back.
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Like the title says, I'm on the first weekend off from school.


Also, yesterday, I finally went to the library again, to check out some books. I got three books from the library.

I'm going to start them tomorrow, when I'm at school.

I wanted to check out some more books, but those were gone so I Had to request them.

And that's about it.

Now, tomorrow, I have to start school again for the week.

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Okay, this is my last year of high school.

This was my first reaction:

I don't wanna go back to school


Now I'm back at school and it feels like every other day. I so want to get it over with already.

It sucks because it started yesterday, on a Monday, when school usually started on a Thursday and Friday.

Now it started on a Monday. I mean what the hell?

Now I'm going to go mumble to myself about it.

Is school over yet?
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Okay, I had this idea yesterday for a story I was writing, but I haven't wrote it down.

Roses are white,
Violets aren't blue,
I can't write poetry,
Can you?

The white is rapidly changing,
So are the feelings I'm getting,
I'm rapidly darkening,
I hated you the most
White rose.

I'm slowly lightening,
But you're turning yellow,
I don't know why,
I care about you
Yellow rose.

I turned yellow with a red tip,
You're turning orange,
But I want you the most,
Orange rose.

You're turning blue now,
I'm turning red,
I'm confused,
I want you the most,
Blue rose.

I'm red now,
You're turning yellow again,
With a red tip to top it off,
I'm confused now,
You said "I want you,
The blue rose."

I'm turning yellow again,
With a red tip,
We're not sure where our
feelings lie,
We're yellow roses.

I'm turning red again,
You're turning orange again,
I know what I want,
I want you,
Orange rose.

You're turning red this time,
I'll always be this red rose,
You'll always be my orange rose,
I love you the most,
Red rose.

New laptop

Aug. 2nd, 2014 01:17 pm
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Okay, so yesterday, I got this laptop from Aaron's.

It's kind of weird typing this, because I was used to using my mom's laptop.

My laptop is getting fixed because the prong for the charger popped out, by accident.'
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Christian and Ana were laying on the bed together. They heard glass breaking and they catapulted straight up in bed.

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Ghost Slap

Jul. 24th, 2014 11:37 pm
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"The crack whore, my birth mother..." Christian started to say, but trailed off because he saw his mother standing right there.

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Face Down

Jul. 24th, 2014 11:23 pm
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 Inspiration: I was reading about how Ana and Christian's 'relationship' is abusive. I got to thinking about how Ana and her kids will one day get abused and she'll blame everyone for not warning her sooner, even though they did. I got the title from the song Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, though this one doesn't have a happy ending. Well, it does have a sort of happy ending.
Warnings: Hints of abuse and mentions of past suicidal tendencies.

Kate and Ana meet up at a restaurant. It seemed like a normal thing to the other diners, but it was anything but ordinary. Ana was wearing a cashmere sweater and a skirt that goes to her ankles. Kate obviously knew why, but Ana wouldn't listen to her reasons why. "You should go to the police," Kate said.

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I got in!

Jul. 22nd, 2014 10:12 pm
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Okay, I remember talking about how I would move my spitefic somewhere.

I would also like to say, that I got in the TwiSpiteFic community. Sadly, I think that I got in too late, since it seems like nobody posts anymore, but oh well.

I hope that somebody posts something soon. Yesterday I submitted a spitefic called Jerks Aren't Hot and I have to wait till it posts. I'm not sure when, but I think I forgot the LJ-Cuts thing.

I'll probably have to retype it soon. -Sigh-

I'll figure something out soon. I'll probably write another spitefic soon. I'm not sure what it will be about.

I'll figure something out soon.

Till then, I'm out.

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Since I keep being told that I don't have a journal entry posted, even though I do, I guess I'll post something again. I don't know what about, since I don't have any friends on here.

So, I'm sort of new to this sporking business, although I sort of lurked around, reading the recaps.

I've read the recaps on City of Bones, Twilight, City of Ashes, and now working on the Fifty Shades trilogy.

Yeah, I'm that bored. I've been over on TV Tropes, but I have yet created an account over there.

I thank TV Tropes for getting me off of Facebook, because I haven't been on Facebook in a while. Thank you TV Tropes.

I also write, although I haven't finished any books. I'm working on a current one right now and I haven't planned it out right now.

Since my charger for my laptop decided to give out, I'm using my mom's laptop.

I hate the way authors decide to make their main characters unlikeable. *cough* *Cough* *Clary* *Bella* *Ana* *coughing* I need to get that checked out.
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Dr. Jenkins walked down the hallway marked Dangerous in red paint. He had to give an assignment to SPC Eighty-Five. He was on death row, he shouldn't have chickened out at the thought of cleaning SPC Fifty-Five's pin. But let's face it, that thing is an unkillable machine. Even though it looked like some sort of rotted lizard thing, and hates humanity. He wasn't taking his chances.

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