The Voices

Apr. 26th, 2017 02:33 pm
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“It’s the middle of the day. Nothing to worry about.” Susan’s mother had reassured her.

Needless to say, Susan wasn’t reassured at all. She was sixteen years old. She could handle staying home alone, all day. She previously did, which was before the move and her mental breakdown.


The thing about that incident was that Susan was sure she was okay mentally and she was sure that it was the house that caused it. It sounded stupid to blame a house for it, but Susan was sure that the house did it. The place sparked her paranoia. It was still making her paranoid.

The house was kind of old, built around the 1960s, her mother had told her. Susan, at first, was okay with the move. The first three days in the house was spent getting organized and unpacking. Nothing was out of the ordinary and nothing strange happened then.

On the fourth day that was when things started getting odd. Susan had heard footsteps walking up and down the hallway. On the fourth night, Susan had heard doors open and close on their own. The fifth day some things vanish and returned four or five hours later.

The fifth night was when the voices started. At first, the voices sounded like they were in the opening of the hallway. When she asked her mother about them, she claimed that she didn’t hear anything. Over the past few nights, it sounded like the voices were slowly getting closer and closer. The voices started sounding like the voices were outside her door, and then in her room. The voices usually made her heart beat faster, she would close her eyes and hope that she would never see who the voices belonged to.

The voices would say weird stuff to her, like, “we need you. You’re our friend. We’re going to have lots of fun together.”

It got to the point that Susan had started sleeping in the living room trying to get away from the voices. It was then that she realized that the voices weren’t to happy about that development. The voices then proceeded to say “You left us,”, “Come back to us”, and “We were going to have lots of fun,” repeatedly.

After a few more nights, Susan had broken down in tears and told her mother what was going on. Her mother, Haley, concerned, had taken her down to the hospital to see what was wrong with her. When nothing popped up, Haley had gotten Susan a cat because she figured that Susan was lonely and needed something to keep her company.

After that, Susan pretended that the voices were in her head and promptly tried to ignore the voices.

Susan made herself think of something else to get rid of the chill that she felt every time she remembered the voices. She looked down at her book, trying to focus on that instead of the memories. Her cat, Mimi, stretched from her spot on the couch and continued to take a nap.

The teenager heard someone slowly walk down the hallway and she brushed it off as her imagination because the house made weird noises all the time. There was no such thing as ghosts. She turned the page of her book when she heard it.

“You left us,” the voice said from the hallway. “Come back and play with us. It would be fun. We’ll even get rid of the pesky woman for you.” The footsteps started to get closer and the teenage girl started breathing heavily as she closed her book. Her heart started beating fast and the air dropped a few degrees.

Mimi suddenly woke up and started hissing, her fur sticking up and Susan looked at Mimi, in surprise since her cat heard the voices, too.

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