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A/N: Okay, I checked out the book Life and Death from the public library. I wanted to see how McKayla is described and do some "research". She's described as a cute baby-faced, blond haired girl, who flat-irons it. Weird, I pictured her having brown hair.


It all started when Daniel first moved to Forks. He saw McKayla and thought that she was cute.

He had no clue how to approach her, besides saying hi. Daniel wasn't sure. Does she love puns? Daniel wondered as he sat on the bus, next to a female named Jessie.

All he has to do is go up and say hi to her. That's not a big deal. Maybe McKayla was a horrible person beneath all that beauty. Her hair seemed straight, like she flat-irons it. Daniel couldn't help wondering how she looks with curly hair. He didn't mind curly hair.

He was surprised that they had math class together. Is there any math puns I can use? Daniel wondered.

"I would hate to be a math teacher because it will be a miscalculated move," McKayla said.

"That was a bad pun," A boy said.

"But math puns are the first sine of madness," Daniel replied.

McKayla nodded and looked over at him, "Yes. I think we need to cosine an agreement with each other to continue doing this."

"We better stop before we make people go on tangents," Daniel replied.

"Yes, please do," Jessie replied.


It was a bit surprising that McKayla ended up going up to him and started talking. "Hi, my name is McKayla."

Daniel nodded at her, "Daniel."

McKayla sat at the table and looked at her food. "So, you like puns?"

"Yes," Daniel replied.

"Okay, so what do you call a snobby con-man going down the stairs?" McKayla asked.

Daniel leaned back, "What?"

"A condescending con descending," McKayla replied.

He had to admit, "That was beautiful."

McKayla smiled, "Good. I tried my best."


It started off with them showing off their puns. Then it happened.

Daniel and Jessie were walking down the hallway together. The door opened and hit Daniel's shoulder. McKayla looked at Daniel and smiled. "Pretty cute," she said and went into the hallway.

"That was rude" Jessie replied.

"She just hit on me," Daniel stated.

Jessie nodded and said, "Oh. I guess you can say that she adores you."

"I need to figure out how to respond to that," He said.

Jessie rolled her eyes. "Oh, my god. Just ask her out. She's hitting on you and you're flirting back."

Daniel had to think about that. "I think I need a pick-up line that's a pun."

"All you have to do is walk up to her and asked her out," Jessie said. She shook her head and walked away, talking to herself. "Some people are so damn complicated."

Daniel had mustered up the guts to ask McKayla out, but she kind of beat him to it.


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