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A/N: In which I have never played Monopoly before, other than Spongebob and the city one, which 3D towers and stuff.


To be honest, McKayla always knew that Daniel and Bridget had a competitive side when it came to sports and games; whether it was board or card.

She can recall one day where they sat together for a friendly round of Go-Fish. Two minutes in, Bridget and Daniel started arguing. Somehow, McKayla ended up waking up on the roof.

She set up the Monopoly board on the card table and separated the money. Daniel and Bridget were going to arrive in five minutes. She had gotten sidetracked on reading mysterious disappearances and unsolved murders.

She lived with her mother, Helen and her mom's wife, Gertrude. Helen had been married to a man, Henry, but she kind of feel in love with Gertrude, her co-worker. Helen and Henry divorced, it was smooth divorce, since Henry feel out of love with Helen.

McKayla and her dad still spend time together. Henry had remarried a woman named Nicole. She and Nicole get along okay.

Nicole found it "un-ethical" over the fact that McKayla was dating a girl and a boy at the same time, with them knowing about each other, and are okay with it.

The door bell rang and McKayla went to it. She let Bridget in and kissed her hello. "I got sidetracked by reading unsolved stuff."

Bridget giggled and shook her head. She went to shuffle the cards. McKayla went to the kitchen to get some snacks and drinks. Nothing alcoholic, it wasn't their thing.

Two minutes later, Daniel rang the doorbell and Bridget went to answer it. Daniel was holding a shopping bag and walked in. He gave Bridget a hug. It was kind of weird that some people assume that he was dating Bridget as well, but he wasn't. Bridget was a lesbian, after all.

Daniel opened the shopping bag and took out a sandwich bag of cookies. "Here, I made you both cookies."

McKayla returned and went to the bag, looking eager. She took out some cookies and kissed Daniel on the cheek.


"I want to be the car," Bridget said. McKayla had distributed the money, according to the manual.

"But I was going to be the car," Daniel replied.

"Let me be the damn car!" Bridget shouted back.

McKayla kind of tuned out their argument by eating the cookies. She tuned in hearing Daniel say, "Fine." He threw his arms in the air and allowed Bridget to have the car.

McKayla sat back to watch. The first time she played a game with those two, Daniel and Bridget ended up taking control of the game, kicking McKayla out, because they got to competitive.


Daniel owned one half of the board and Bridget owned the other half. McKayla considered looking up some more mysteries, but decided to watch her lovers instead. Sometimes they have the best arguments.

Then it happened. Bridget landed on Broadwalk, which was on Daniel's side of the broad. Daniel threw Monopoly money at Bridget. "What the hell now? I'm going to buy my own car with this damn money!"


Somehow McKayla ended up waking up on her neighbor's hedges. She wasn't sure how, but she remembered Daniel throwing fake money at Bridget. She went over to her house and walked in. Bridget and Daniel were sitting on opposite ends of the couch. She went over and sat in the middle.

They were watching the Lion King. It was something that they all enjoyed. Bridget and Daniel ended up cuddling up to McKayla.

They may drive her crazy, but she did love them.


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