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I'm sorry, I just have to get this out of the way, even if it makes no sense. The Avengers and Captain America have been on my mind at the time.

He smirks. “I mean in my bed, beneath me.”

I heard a scoff. "What if she wants to be on top?"

It was Mike. Dear, old cousin Mike who started working for the 'government' in America, the day after he graduated high school. I wasn't sure what division he worked in but it lead to... I looked over in surprise. "Beef upgrade!"

He wasn't the thin teen anymore. His brown hair was longer, he had stubble, and he was a little taller than the last time I saw him. His brown eyes were a little more steely, like he walked through hell.

I looked over to see a boy, a teenager, standing by Mike's side. His shoulder length hair was dyed a dark blue color with some black strands. He was probably thirteen years old judging by his size. He was wearing black clothing and his eyes were a dark blue. Surprisingly he didn't have a innocence around him.

"This is your new cousin, Craig. He's fifteen, don't let his size fool you." Mike stated, "I found him while we were on a 'assignment.' He sort of helps out around the 'office' where I work."

I figured that meant that Craig now works for Mike's division.

Craig was playing with a weird metal looking bracelet on his left wrist. He looked at me. "Who the hell is that?" He looked over at Jesse.

Craig had an accent I couldn't place. It wasn't American and it sure as hell wasn't from around the UK. Or at least from around here.

"This is Jesse. My..." I faltered because I didn't know.

Mike crossed his arms and nodded, "I see."

Craig nodded, "a one night stand?" He looked at Jesse and swore he heard, 'mine' being repeated in his mind.

Mike looked over at me. "We're in town for a few days. You be careful, you hear?" He leaned over and hugged me. He whispered in my ear, "if things get rough, call me. We don't take it to kindly when family is being harassed."

I pulled away and nodded at Craig. He gave me a little wave and they walked away. I could've sworn I saw a dark blue haze leave Craig's finger tips.


To be honest, Craig is a sort of male, younger version of Scarlet Witch but with a different past.
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