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A/N: This is from my comment on Chapter 5 part 1 of Fifty Shades Freed.
"Here we have the emancipation case of Theodore and Phoebe Grey." The judge said in her formal voice. She gestured to the two teenagers on one side of the court, "Against Ana and Christian Grey." 
The judge looked at Theodore. "Mr. Theodore, I call you up to the stand to give us your reasons why." 
Phoebe reassuringly grabbed her brother's shoulder. "Good luck. Don't forget."
Teddy smiled and went up to the stand. He remembered being there three months getting his sentence from stealing alcohol. His parents didn't even show up to court because they were busy having sex, as usual. 
"Well, for starters, they have sex all the goddamn time. Even when we were children. God, that isn't healthy, just saying." Teddy said and looked at his sister. He was doing this for them. "Also, I heard that he sucked ice cream off my fingers when I was a baby. Uh hello, bad touch."
Teddy looked at the Judge to see what she thought. Her face looked impassive, but he could have sworn that there was a hint of disgust in her eyes.
"When I was in the holding cell, I waited till four in the morning because they were too busy having sex. Also when I was in court for my sentencing, they weren't there. Phoebe was there and she clarified that they were to busy having sex. They never visited me, for reasons I don't know. They weren't there when I got out of the police station." Teddy explained, "Also this guy has multiple ex-girlfriends. I heard that he actually mentally broke one of his 'ex-subs.' I also heard from Aunt Kate that he had made a 'submissive' contract a week after meeting our mother."
"Do you happen to have that laying around?" The Judge asked. What was her name? Judge Cooper?
"Yes we do. She thought that she might need it for later. Aunt Kate also posted this contract on many BDSM websites. She got replies saying that it wasn't BDSM." Phoebe piped up, smiling smugly at her parents' now turning red faces. She gave their lawyer Mariah the contract as she walked to Judge Cooper to give it to her. 
Phoebe would've stuck her tongue out at them but knew that it would be childish of her. She might get stuck with them for four more years.
"Hmm," Judge Cooper said, reading over the contract.
"Aunt Kate also said that the contract was commented on as a slave contract. She also said that our father had broken in their apartment and raped our mom into submissive all because of a joke e-mail." Teddy offered. 
Christian's face turned into an ungodly shade of red. He looked like he sucked on something sour. 
"You may go sit back down." Judge Cooper said and Teddy left the stand. "I call Mr. Grey to the stand, to give his reasons on why he and Mrs. Grey
should keep their children." 
Christian got to the stand. He looked nervous.
"He didn't have any words," Phoebe said to her friend Sandra.
"Oh my god," Sandra said and giggled.
"Yeah. His face turned that weird shade of red he usually gets when he's seriously pissed. It didn't even turn that red when I was in the holding cell," Teddy explained.
"Good. You deserve to be away from them," Sandra said. "Where are you going to go?" 
"We were thinking Las Vegas," Teddy said.
"Yeah. One of my favorite pro-wrestlers live in Las Vegas. I was thinking of hunting him down and ding-dong ditching him." Phoebe said and grinned.
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